A concept begins in the mind • From abstract to real, each time something new • Assuming infinite forms, bridging past and future, reflecting meaning and intention – every concept is born from experience, insight and emotion • Partners Cosima Ungaro and Austin Feilders envision Concept as a continuum from ideation to creation • As a member of One Percent for the Planet, they are committed to quality over quantity • Their singularity is a greater purpose to unify the development of ideas and relationships. The specificity of each project is treated with sensitivity and open exchange. Connecting with specialists around the world, their process is collaborative, conscious, efficient and engaged • Concept marks the revival of a studio that dates back 25 years, when Emanuel Ungaro – Cosima’s father – undertook a series of limited-edition projects across various domains of design in Italy and France. Transcending his ground-breaking contributions to fashion, he founded Concept to further his dreams, his collections, and his creative legacy • Alongside client projects they are using their expertise and networks to develop La Cavalerie, an historic estate and olive farm in the foothills of the Luberon in Provence. Today, it symbolizes the cornerstone of a personal vision initiated by Cosima’s father when he renovated a 12th century Knights Templar Commanderie over 30 years ago, as they plan a long-term lifestyle concept that includes sustainable hospitality, immersive activities, regenerative organic farming and a natural skin care line • Today, the discreet qualities of cultural heritage, intrinsic taste and enduring value drive everything they do. They are Concept, brought to life.

15 rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris